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Basic  level

Training for Basic Level only involves the Prosthetic Rehabilitation profile, which consists of multiple pathways, allowing the franchisee not only a thorough knowledge of all the theories, technical rehabilitation and clinical prosthetics plans, but mainly allows the franchisee to learn how to build up a Zirconium structure using Creation ceramics, used in the best ways like NobelClinician guided surgery, and complemented by an innovative Neuro gnathological specialist figure, who will be able to quantify - using objective data - the efficiency of an immediate-load restorative prosthetic implant. One of the most popular procedures, but one that is also still criticised for several biomechanical aspects that remain under discussion is exactly the immediate-load restorative implant-prosthesis.

As everyone knows, with an immediate-loading prosthetic implant rehabilitation, primary stabilisation is required before the fixture is inserted, so the Epoch team has spent some time on this and published the following article " Biomechanics of the press-fit phenomenon in dental implantology: an image-based finite element analysis." However, stability also depends on the occlusal forces of the implants in Central Occlusions. One of the limitations with immediately-loaded restorative implant-prosthetics remains the determination of a stable central occlusion, which is balanced and at the same time distibutes the occlusal load evenly on the implants. For something this delicate, manual methods remain empirical and subjective. In the adjacent figures, you can see an immediate-load NobelClinician restorative implant, in which the registration of the central occlusion was determined intra-operatively using transcranial electrical stimulation of the trigeminal root.

When making a work of art, you cannot quantify it by subjectively asking the patient to assess the efficiency of the rehabilitation, because the data remains limited to personal feelings, which are often conditioned by several variables, and such assessments are worthless from a legal perspective too. An alternative is to quantify the efficiency of the work via confirmation of an objective fact. The next day, the patient described above came to finalise the restoration work, but in this context, was subjected to electrophysiological tests for confirmation of the objective trigeminal data concerning masticatory efficiency. The overlapping of the Gaussian curves for the silent mechanical period tested are a guarantee, both for the work as well as for the patient. From a legal point of view, for example, we can see that the controversial maxillofacial-dental separation discussion can no longer blame the dentist for an incongruous prosthetic rehabilitation once the trigeminal reflexes have responded in a specifically symmetrical manner.

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