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The scientific philosophy of Epoche is based primarily on the elimination of the subjective terms that in dentistry, unfortunately, are widely permitted, to make room for objective numerical data, which is irrefutable, statistically significant and repeatable over time. This type of approach is more attributable to a paradigm rather than a method, thus you need to consider the Epoche scientific philosophy as being anew paradigm in the field of mastication rehabilitation. Obviously such a paradigm will face innumerable challenges and criticisms that may slow its development, but at the same time, it can grow collectively by refining the reference data. For this reason, we decided to establish a telemedicine centre, in which the data saved locally by dentists could be transferred remotely for further processing and returned with graphic data, along with a preliminary report.

The data will be processed using an artificial neural network on a Mathlab platform using special complex algorithms like the Levemberg-Marquardt equation, which essentially checks the distance between the data target and a given entry. The special feature of this choice lies in the dynamics of neural networks. On increasing the number of data point entered, in fact, the weightings calculated by hidden neurons improve, and result in an output that makes the results even more predictable. Those wishing to examine the evidence in more detail can download the following article " The Reliability of the Bilateral Roots Trigeminal Motor-Evoked Potentials as an Organic Normalization Factor: Symmetry or Not Symmetry?" by the Epoche team, published in the journal "Dentistry". This first approach to offer wide support for the dentist makes complex and challenging work easier and faster, returning a pre-referral report, in which the numeric data can highlight the possible presence of an organic pathology that lies outside the dentist's skills base in the initial stage. In addition, the reference data will undoubtedly be important in making therapeutic choices for orthodontic and prosthetic disciplines.

The graphical output screen highlights the tests selected, along with the traces and Gaussian curves indicating the statistical significance of the results obtained.

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