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Advanced    level

Membership of the " Advanced Level "is the tip of the diamond for the Epoche Franchising project, as it includes several significant differences that remain in keeping with the group's strategies:

  • Not causing unfair competition

  • Disseminating Science

  • Growth of the Network

The "Advanced Level" project is aimed at Universities, Institutional and/or private Research Centres, and incorporates all of the content of previous levels plus more sophisticated implementation instruments and methodological applications, and even more innovations, using equipment with two magnetic stimulators. In the future, transcranial magnetic stimulation will replace electrical means, but for now, is not used because of the cost and complexity of methodological execution. The Epoche team has already studied and published an in-depth paper about this potential future methods that you can read about in the following article "Electric versus transcranial magnetic stimulation of the trigeminal system in healthy subjects. Clinical applications in gnathology The training for the "Advanced Level " then, involves the animated figure of a dentist who specialises in the neuro-rehabilitation of the masticatory system ias well as types of orthodontics, restorative and prosthetic point but simultaneously has access tothe neurophysiological preparation and instrumentation that would be the envy of even specialist neurophysiopathology centres, with the ability to organise a team of co-workers including specialist in adult and childhood neurology, and a variety of craniofacial and postural diseases and disorders. In the Advanced Level package, there is a detailed and specific study set that is used to analyse vestibular-trigeminal postural disorders.

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Advanced level
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