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Intraoral Digital Impression

May 21, 2017

With CAD / CAM digital imaging technology, the Epochè achieves a degree of professional gratification and operational reassurance for the patient who is no longer subjected to annoying and sometimes very long procedures in dentistry. 

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Equipping with the best instrumentation on the international market such as the 3Shape Trios the Dr.s Frisardi  can perform very precise impression covering the whole dental field from orthodontics to implantoprothetic rehabilitation.

Dubai International Congress

May 20, 2017

Follow the video of the conference Dr. Gianni Frisardi and Dr. Flavio Frisardi invited to present a scientific report at the Dubai International Congress where there will be personalities of high scientific interest in exchanging views and initiating research projects at the cutting-edge university in the world : Dr. Gianni Frisardi: The masticatory system should be considered as a "Complex System", which is divided into a number of constituent elements bound toghether in a set of non-linear and stochastic relationships. The result of all the constituent elements determines an "Emergent Behavior" of the system itself. The NGF Paradigm puts the excitability of the central and peripheral masticatory pathways and the network of brain connections at the center of this complex system. To achieve this goal it has been necessary to create a bridge between Neurophysiological Trigeminal knowledge technologies and those of Gnathology, hence the term "Neuro Gnathological Functions". ...Dubai

TC Guide Surgery

November 21, 2016

The ever-expanding, sometimes uncontrolled, implantoprosthetic treatment does not justify neglecting the great achievements of science. Every step forward that accomplishes science aims at both the scientist's satisfaction in discovering another disadvantage of the mystery of nature and at the same time paying more attention to the patient's anatomy-functional integrity. We are talking about one of the latest surgical methods that see the neural navigation and TC implantoprosthetic surgery in the first place. Our Epoch Center employs, for the most serious and complex cases, the latter technology, however, following its own Internal Quality Process where nothing is taken for granted. In fact, the proposed and ninth industrial technologies are being tested, as well as accepted as they are presented. In fact, many criticisms have arisen on the accuracy of implanted implantation surgery systems, but basically derive from insufficient knowledge of the bioengineering process. Recently, in fact, we wanted to verify the margin of error and at the same time the accuracy of the NobelBiocare's guided TC surgery system. The most curious ones can download this article: Integration of 3D anatomical data obtained by CT imaging and 3D optical scanning for computer aided implant surgery to draw the necessary conclusions about the scientific-clinical efficacy of the method.

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