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advanced level

1st Step - Scientific Philosophy of the method

The method is the result of twenty years of experimental studies conducted by Dr. Gianni Frisardi in the field of Gnathology, the discipline that studies the masticatory function, and which should be the prerogative of all stomatognathic system rehabilitations, from orthodontics to prosthetic implants. From the early years, Dr. Frisardi realised that classic gnathological techniques, routinely used in dental offices, were limiting and inflated by innumerable mechanistic errors.

2nd Step - Innovative Features

The intuition of Dr. Frisardi, unthinkable in those days, was to overturn the scientific interpretation of gnathological phenomena by analysing the inputs and outputs of the Central Nervous System masticatory system indirectly upstream.

He therefore ventured into a world that was unexplored at that time, that of "Trigeminal Electrophysiology " applied to Gnathology, coining the term Functional Neuro Gnathology, and hence the NGF method. This twenty-year period of studies sensitised the international scientific community into considering this discipline to be a new paradigm in the field of masticatory systems rehabilitations and of orofacial pain, including Temporomandibular Dysfunction (see references)

3rd Step - Added Value

When trigeminal electrophysiological methodology is applied to gnathology, it is actually called "Functional Neuro Gnathology" and abbreviated to "NGF", which is becoming an indispensable clinical support for dentists as well as for most paralegals as an additional warranty for the patient. Drs. Frisardi and their company Epoche, have however, opted for a controlled and selective disclosure of the method, by choosing a form of Franchising which is the only form of knowledge transfer that is protected by both National and International law. In this way, the dissemination of the method will be addressed only to those with a passion for Gnathological sciences, with the simultaneous creation of a Network of Specialists in Masticatory Rehabilitations.

4th Step - Membership

Interest from colleagues is high, despite the differences in approach with neurophysiological-type content compared to the inevitably deeper knowledge of the gnathological approach. The NGF method is already used by some private dentists and has been clinically validated by the University of Sassari. This group is constantly increasing, and the scientific philosophy of its NGF method is spreading further, via relationships frmed at International Conferences, which you can follow using the attached link. By visiting the User license page, you can get a better understand of the training project with more specific data, and make an advance booking for an instructional Workshop.

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