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Training Course Entry Level Orthodontic This is composed of two pathways: the first is primarily orthodontic, in which you undertake theoretical and practical lessons on orthodontic techniques, and the second is primarily neuro-gnathological , which will give those who complete the training course the ability to interpret trigeminal neurologically-evoked data in order to plan and monitor orthodontic treatment better, and reduce any chewing problems or relapses. The treatments that the franchisee will follow in the training course are highly complex, and the subject matter will be analysed using a neurophysiological profile, for which the answers to the strategic choice will not only be subjective, but objective as well, being derived from irrefutable neurophysiological data. A brief clinical example,of how this concept is put into practice, is described below. The figure shows a case of temporo-mandibular dysfunction and dental overcrowding that was resolved using our approach.

At the end of treatment, the functional outcome was subjected to a rigorous trigeminal electrophysiological comparison, and if the results were symmetric, and comparable to those of physiological normo-occlusion, the Epoche scientific philosophy considered the treatment finished. Selective grinding, maniacal realignments of the incisal line as well as maxillo-facial surgery to exacerbate an aesthetic concept were all outlawed by the Epoche Network long ago, because the international scientific community has demonstrated, with irrefutable data in hand, that after "orthodontic and/or surgical over-treatment", the trigeminal electrophysiological results remain similar to those of a healthy subject. This critical point not only favours Epoche's scientific philosophy, but is also attributable to one of the latest research papers published in the following article " Jaw-stretch reflex is weaker in patients after orthognathic surgery "

Patients were in fact subjected to a number of electrophysiological tests, including the trigeminal jaw jerk, the mechanical and electrical silent period and the masseteric recovery cycle. In the "Telemedicine" sections, you can see a brief description of the essential steps in this scientific philosophy, and the benefits of membership. The training course therefore acts as a preparation for the top as far as operational orthodontics is concerned, as well as a neuro-gnathological preparation that enables you to obtain objective data from an orthodontic treatment. All of this will generate returns in appearance, as well as social benefits for their own patient, by transferring the benefits of experimental research conducted over the past 25 years.

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